Affiliated project of the 10 YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme

Affiliated project of the 10 YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme

Good news!
Henceforth the project Wanted: Food for the Future is recognised by UN Environment as an affiliated project of the 10 YFP Sustainable Food Systems Programme. We received this recognition for our substantial contribution to the SFS programme goals.


The Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) programme is a framework of 10 years that aims to develop new sustainable consumption- and production patterns. The goal is to accommodate an accelerated transition to sustainable food systems through a multi-stakeholder platform. The programme promotes four primary goals:


  1. Raising awareness on the need to adopt SCP patterns in food systems.
  2. Building enabling environments for sustainable food systems.
  3. Increasing the access to and fostering the application of actionable knowledge, information and tools to mainstream SCP in food systems.
  4. Strengthening collaboration among food system stakeholders to increase the sector’s SCP performance.


These goals are a perfect match with those from Wanted: Food for the Future.
During this project we combine the (multi-stakeholder) expertise of the province of Vlaams-Brabant, Rikolto (Vredeseilanden), Colruyt Group, KU Leuven and University-College UCLL in the search for new ways to feed the growing global population in a healthy and sustainable way.

Youth are an integral part of this and are actively participating in all aspects of the project. The ultimate goal is to continue the ongoing debate, to make the consumers more aware and involve them in our in the process. In short: Implementing innovative ideas by combining expertise.