Not only in Belgium the project encourages young people to think about the food of the future and about feeding the future 9 billion. In September 2017, a first co-creation path is launched with youngsters in North Tanzania, in which young people (+18) from various disciplines meet, share their dreams, and through cooperation with various actors from the community achieve 1 concrete product or action.

The CEAL-method is used for this. Our focus is on action-learning and community-based entrepreneurship. We believe that if we want to share the message of Wanted: Food for the Future, we should do it in a practical way and in within a specific context. This methodology allows us to collaborate with youth and co-create concrete innovative actions or products. This way, we hope to stimulate social entrepreneurship in food and agriculture.

In the mean time, we have initiated similar tracks in Peru and Indonesia. In Belgium too, we are planning a workshop soon. The participants of these workshops often work on their own projects and everyone once in a while write something for Wanted: Food for the Future. You can read about that here.